Dr. Emily Fogle, PsyD

Atlanta based psychologist in private practice.


Dr. Fogle is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in Women’s Issues, Mood Disorders, Trauma, & Assisted Reproduction Counseling.

Maternal Mental Health

Motherhood requires tremendous adjustment that can lead to changes in mood, postpartum depression, and increased anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Learn to manage these life changes and increase your confidence in your new role.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression. Anxiety. Panic attacks. These intense emotions can dominate your life. Find a way to transform these emotions back into their more useful forms: signals to what you need.


Trauma can have disastrous consequences to your life. Speak with someone who can help explain the symptoms of trauma, help you process these events properly, and ultimately heal from these events.


Assisted Reproductive Counseling sets the stage for a healthy new family. Addressing the issues on the front end helps you prepare for your new addition. Take the first step.

Clinical Services


Dr. Fogle is a licensed clinical psychologist who graduated from University of Denver’s APA accredited Graduate School of Professional Psychology with her Masters and Doctoral degree. She received her Bachelors degree in psychology from University of Georgia.

Dr. Fogle has worked with adults in private practice, university counseling centers, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and intensive care units. Her areas of specialty include mood disorders, anxiety, maternal mental health, trauma, infertility, assisted reproductive counseling & evaluationsand working through difficulties in relationships.

Clinical Approach:

Integrating top-tier doctoral training with experience from a variety of settings helps Dr. Fogle provide on point, client-centered treatment. Dr. Fogle’s clients appreciate her direct style, creative interventions, and use of humor in their sessions. She prides herself on making her clients feel accepted and valued for their quirks, while not shying away from the feedback that makes therapy work. 


Create treatment goals that are specific to your life and your needs. Work towards them with support and accountability. 


The right fit often comes down to finding someone who will listen and do the work to understand your problems from your point of view. 


We can often become stuck in unproductive patterns of behavior. Find a place to overcome the barriers that keep you from doing the things you care about.


Once you have made progress, don’t lose steam. Find ways to maintain your gains so that old patterns stay that way, and your life continues to grow.

Dr. Fogle’s passion is truly working to understand the differences that each individual brings to session. She believes that cultural context influences someone’s perspective, and tailors her work to these differences. Dr. Fogle is a LGBTQ affirming psychologist.

Assisted Reproductive Counseling.

Separately from providing therapy, Dr. Fogle provides Assisted Reproduction Counseling and evaluations for families. This unique service brings her in contact with individuals and families who are seeking out a guide. These families meet with Dr. Fogle to help them determine if they are psychologically ready to receive donor gametes and learn how to navigate inherent risks and ethical issues associated with receiving donor gametes.

Additionally, Dr. Fogle provides psychoeducation and counseling to help clients talk openly about this complex process. Issues typically addressed are potential conflicts associated with third-party reproductive agreements, adaptive coping practices while undergoing IVF, and future planning. 

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Emily Fogle, Psy.D.

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